About the Council

Our Vision
As a Council, we have a clear vision, and are in the process of finalising our new Plan for achieving our objectives. Our vision is to be ‘A prosperous, healthy and safe borough, welcoming to all who live, work, study and visit’. Our emerging priorities will aim to sharpen our focus on:

How we deliver this vision is every bit as important as what we promise. Like all Councils, we face challenges around how we meet and manage our budgets moving forwards. Our aim to be as strategic and innovative as possible in how we do this. By working with partners at a national, regional and local level, we believe that we can find different, more efficient and more collaborative ways of delivering the services our Borough needs.

As our Council continues to develop and explore new opportunities, you will lead the way in refining our Plan and building on our promises to the people of our Borough. 

Our Council Structure
We currently have more than 500 employees. As we move forward, we are planning a restructure that will create clearer leadership responsibilities and foster faster decision-making. As we enter an exciting period for the Borough, we want to be in a position to make change happen.

Politically, the Council is finely balanced yet highly focused on achieving goals for our communities. Overall, there are 44 members from the following parties:
 - 18 Conservative
 - 3 Liberal Democrats
 - 20 Labour
 - 3 independents

Organisational charts
Executive Management Team 

Chief Executive
Human Resources 
Business Improvement 
Legal Services